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Welcome to the home of the Red Shoe Rebels! We are an all girl clan which plays on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC. We play Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4, GTA 5, Borderlands 2, WoW, LoL, SWTOR, and many other popular titles.

We are currently recruiting ladies to our clan, so if you would like to join, please click here and fill out the appropriate application for your console. Also feel free to introduce yourself here in our forums. Thank you for visiting our site!

Gucci AngeL ONESo ladies I think it's time I started pulling my weight as 'Sniping Leader' :p
Hopefully sometime soon Schooly's weekly tournaments will be starting up again and I think it's time RsR formed a Sniping team and competed. I know we have some amazing snipers within this clan and we could really dominate these tournaments.

This is just an announcement. Keep an eye out for when practises will be held. They should start next week hopefully. I know schooly's tournaments are segregated mostly, so EU don't play with NA, but practises will be open to everyone. Feel free to send me a message if you want to take part.

Alright AngeL out ;)
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REBEL Serenity ONEPS4Please join me in welcoming our newest members, Shelleyy xo, TheAssistQueen and QuirkyPixel to the RedShoeRebels. Wear your clan tags with pride, an invite to the Ghosts Clan will be with you shortly.
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Fragger Delight   Congratulations! :d
o iMiss Shann ONE  WELCOMEEEEEE <3
Shelleyy xo   thankyou! :d
REBEL Serenity ONEPS4Attn all EU Xbox Ladies, please see the up to date Clan Roster to see who your Captains are: [link]
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Lady_Rouge PS4Ladies, please congratulate Mchampp on becoming a full fledged member of RsR! Welcome to the family and wear your clan tag with pride!
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FaLi MoXx   Welcome to the clan! :)
mchampp   Thanks guys!
AllyTheRipper   Yay! <3
DefiniteMclovinAttention Na Xbox RiTs, There will be RiT training tonight at 8pm Est on ghosts. Hope to see you there ^_^
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thatlemonlady ONE  added 30 Ultimate days to Red Shoe Rebels
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Happy Birthday!
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